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I can fix people's discord and make it look a lot better. You could also add my Discord Bot. YEP! I can make discord bots!

Java Development (Spigot/Minecraft)

I can develop minecraft plugins. I've developed EZStaff, Mizzen, Nuclear, and may more that are private.

Skript Development (Spigot/Minecraft)

I can develop minecraft scrips. I've developed EZStaff, and many more that are private for my minecraft server.


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I am surprised with this plugin (Skript) What is possible to say about such a nice plugin, continue with the updates that will be one of the best


User at SpigotMC

Amazing plugin, Amazing Dev, Amazing Support. This plugin is perfect for staff and is very user friendly! I love how the developer is also very open to suggestions too! If you do not have this plugin download it!


User at SpigotMC

Nice! Good plugin and bugless! How did you make the logos? They look very clean and cool!


User at SpigotMC

Great plugin which uses GUI's (Im a massive GUI fan so thats a plus) and the author is very nice.


User at SpigotMC